Vectum Trans Management Group has been successfully operating on the international transportation market and in the field of optimum logistics solutions, as well as offering a full range of custom registration services of any complexity since 2006.

As for today, the company’s experience allows us to quickly organize transportation and custom registration of import and export cargos on a turnkey basis, between Russia and Western Europe, the Baltics, the USA, and Southeast Asia.


Vectum company helps foreign trade operators to accomplish custom registration of inward and outward cargos. We have solid experience and ample opportunities in passing through different custom procedures.

Vectum company offers a full range of customs registration services of any complexity.

Selecting cost-efficient custom registration options in order to reduce costs, optimize and speed up custom registration process, is one of the top-priority tasks for our company.

Custom registration and organization of related services are performed according to our main activities:

  • Cargo custom registration in 1 day;
  • Full range of services in cargo delivery;
  • Assistance in obtaining certificates of conformity/origin, etc. as soon as possible;
  • Consulting about foreign economic activities.

cargo shipping

Vectum company provides a full range of consolidated cargo shipping services from countries of the EU, the Baltics, Asia, and the USA to Russia, using optimum delivery methods, and achieving economically advantageous custom registration.

By means of close interaction with sealiner carriers, European freight forwarders and stevedores, we offer attractive freight rates for international sea shipping from European seaports, as well as repacking and forwarding services at destination and shipping ports.

Our service package includes:

  • Receiving your goods at a shipper’s warehouse (airport, seaport, etc.);
  • Delivering your goods to a consolidation warehouse;
  • Executing import documents;
  • Calculating cost of delivery and completing customs clearance;
  • Delivering the goods to the recipient;


From Europe in 3 days!

Our smoothly running system of consolidated cargo shipping lets you receive your cargo within 3-7 days, depending on departure city and country.


We save your money!

Existing fine-tuned logistic system, consolidation warehouses, and custom registration services allow us to offer you ultimately favorable terms and count on partnership relations right now.


Use any of our warehouses and save your time and money. Convenience of loads consolidation is possible thanks to our warehouse terminals:

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Moscow
  • Unna, Düsseldorf (Germany)
  • Vantaa, Helsinki (Finland)

  • Your cargo is always assured;
  • We forward each truck;
  • We make photofixation of goods;
  • We examine all goods arriving at our warehouses;
  • We pack goods according to cargo transportation requirements;

Shipping container
sea freight

Vectum company provides a full range of container sea freight services and delivers loads in all directions from any place on Earth.

By means of close interaction with sealiner carriers, European freight forwarders and stevedores, we offer attractive freight rates for international sea shipping, as well as repacking and forwarding services at destination and shipping ports.


Vectum company provides a full range of multimodal transportation services, combining benefits of sea, railway, highway, and air transport. This transportation allows timely and cost-efficient delivery of cargos all over the world. Multimodal transportation is especially of interest with intercontinental directions.

freight shipping

Vectum company provides international truck freight shipping from any point in Europe to Russia. We deliver cargos using any type of trucks: tent (30-120 m³), isotherm, frigo (82-100 m³), and with help of special transport, designed for carrying containers and all sorts of over-sized and heavy load cargos.

cargos shipping

Transportation of over-sized and heavy loads is a difficult technical and technological process. Particular requirements and standards are specified for this type of transportation. International over-sized load shipping demands thorough analysis and complex elaboration of the whole load routing. With help of close interaction with major carriers of over-sized cargos and special-purpose trucks operators, we provide international carriage of over-sized and heavy loads by means of sea, railway, highway, and air transport.


Vectum company cooperates with Asian and European manufacturers and offers its customers a service of searching products at most profitable price and quality.

Basing on your request containing product name and desired purchasing price, we monitor producers of the needed product, provide its price full calculation, and complete the task of product delivery to the customer.

Our company provides professional services of product search, purchase and delivery with the following custom registration.

Vectum has solid positive experience in trading and purchasing field. Our smoothly running interaction patterns with Asian and European manufacturers allow us to make a compound price analysis for a specified product type, and provide product samples for quality and regularity estimation.

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